Hoops: The Must-Have Trending Earrings (Styling & Shopping Guide)

03 Apr , 2024

Hoops: The Must-Have Trending Earrings (Styling & Shopping Guide)

In the evolving fashion world, keeping up with the trending earrings is essential for those who always want to look stylish. These small pieces can enhance your style and outfit. They can add a touch of elegance, make a bold statement, or help individuals showcase themselves.
When we are talking about trending earrings, we can not forget about all-time favorite and classy Hoops. It is that one piece of jewelry that truly enhances your outfit. These earrings are simple, relaxed, formal, elegant, and suitable for any place. But with so many options, sizes, designs, and materials, choosing the perfect pair can be difficult. Making the wrong choice not only clashes with your outfit but will not suit your face shape or the event.

Don’t worry! With the help of this blog, you will not only know about trending hoop earrings, but we will also make you understand which one will suit your face shape better, what type of hairstyle you should do with a specific hoop, and more! Keep reading!

Understand The Shape Of Your Face

When choosing the correct hoop earrings, you must understand your face shape. The primary face shapes are round, square, heart-shaped, and oval. Each body has a different way of showing what type of hoops will look the best.

Shape Is An Important Factor

For Oval Face: Almost any style can work on them. However, elongated hoops will naturally balance the faces of people with oval faces.

For Round Face: You can use more elongated hoops to provide the impression of length.

Square Face: People with square faces will be good with rounded hoops.

Heart-Shaped Faces: Smaller hoops can perfectly complement people with heart-shaped faces.

Which Hoop Is Perfect For An Occasion?

When ready for an occasion, matching the right hoops can make a big difference.

For Casual Look: Small or medium-sized hoops will work well for casual outings or everyday wear.

For Formal Look: Large and big-sized hoops can make a great statement and are the best option for formal occasions.

Material Of Hoops Also Matters

The material you choose in hoop earrings also plays an important part. The material you choose should always be according to comfort and aesthetics. The most common materials you will find in hoops are silver and good. Each is different from one another.

Silver: They are known for their modern and chic look. It is versatile and well-complements people with cool undertone skin.

Gold: Wearing gold hoops always feels classy and rich. Gold hoops will be a good pair if you have a warm undertone skin.

Pros And Cons Of Silver And Golden Hoops


Gold is durable but is expensive compared to silver.


On the other hand, silver is cost-effective, but with time, it may tarnish. But earrings that are plated with gold can be an excellent option.

The material you choose in Hoop earrings always affects the overall look of your dress. For instance, gold hoops add a hint of elegance. On the other side, silver hoops are more on the side of a casual look. Most people opt for gold-plated silver hoops as they last longer and are affordable.

Size Guide For Hoop Earrings

Knowing the right size of hoop earrings is essential to make the right choice. Here is how you can choose:

Small Hoops (Less than 20mm): These earrings are best to wear daily and in work areas. They are comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Medium Hoops (20mm to 40mm): Medium hoops are among the most versatile. It is suitable for both formal and casual looks. For example, you can wear it at dinners, informal parties, or date nights.

Large Hoops (Over 50mm): If you want to make a bold statement, these hoops are the perfect choice, especially during special occasions. Wear large hoops when you want to stand out in the crowd.

What size you choose directly impacts how it will look on your face and whether it will compliment your outfit. For example, large hoops will drive more attention to your face. On the other hand, small hoops offer more elegance.

What Hairstyle You Can Style?

Hairstyles can make or break the way your hoop earrings look. Different hairstyles complement different hoop styles and sizes. That is why it is important to style your hair in a way that can enhance your look.

Tips To Style Your Hair

For Short Hair: Small to medium hoops best suit people with short hair. Moreover, they do not tangle and give a balanced look.

For Long Hair: Larger hoops add glamor to your outfit. So, if you have long hair, opt for larger hoops.

Other Features

You will see many other types of features in hoop earrings. For example, textures, gemstones, and other designs. These things either enhance or draw away from the look.

Gemstones: They add a good sparkle, but you must care more.

Textures: It adds a unique flair, but you have to choose according to the occasion.

Trendy Hoop Styles

Hoops are trending earrings that are bold, sassy, and display confidence. They come in various sizes, shapes, and styles. The most popular hoops you will see are the transitional hoops. They are situated near the earlobe and have a smaller diameter. You can have hoops in several sizes, ranging from half an inch to three inches in diameter.

Nowadays, Huggies earrings are so much in trend to style in summer. These earrings usually hug your ears, making an ideal choice for someone who loves to wear hoops daily. Moreover, these are also the best choices for those with multiple piercings.

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Ways In Which You Can Style Your Hoops

If possible, keep various types of pairs of hoops in your jewelry wardrobe. If you plan to go on a fun night event, you must have a standard, medium-thick pair of golden yellow earrings. The size should be two inches. It will be the perfect pair to become the main element of your dress.

Second, if you want to wear something day or night, you should wear a thicker pair of hoops. In addition, these hoops should be slightly smaller in size. The thickness of these hoops makes a statement!

Looking for something classy? Then go for white gold hoops! The size should be medium one-inch. These white gold earrings are perfect for work and meetings. A suggestion- The white should mix in gold. Even another color will also do a good job.

Classic hoops can be worn with formal wear, and then see the magic. The size of these hoops should be approximately one inch.

Last but not least, a smaller pair of Huggies is ideal. They look perfect anytime and at any place. If you have a lot of ear piercings, then in the first hole, try a huggie and a diamond stud behind it.

How You Can Style Hoops With Different Jewelry?

Matching your gold hoops with a golden choker or wearing a gold herringbone chain will create a trendy look. You can also add a gold ring or bracelet to enhance your trendy look. Keep it all gold for a classy look.

But, if you like white gold, you should go for white gold hoops and match them with other white gold pieces. For example, you can pair it with a diamond ring or a bracelet.

Looking for the most trending hoop earrings to invest in? Let’s find them out together.

African Gold Plated Huggie Hoop Earrings

Gold Plated Huggie are a great purchase. Just dress up a little or add casual jeans to complement the look. These gold-plated huggie hoops are perfect for date night or if you want to attend a special event. Our hoops are made from tarnish-resistant metals. Moreover, it is plated in 18K gold. It will last longer and not rust, fade, or change colors.


Finding the perfect pair of trending hoop earrings has many factors, like understanding the shape and looking for the right material and size. Moreover, your hairstyle and other design elements also play an important role in the final look. With all these factors, finding a place that has all the factors is challenging.

Are you looking for someone who can get trending hoop earrings in different styles, sizes, and designs and is of good quality? Beauty Pam is one of the places you can get trending earrings according to your preference.

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