Do Men Need Hair Conditioner? What is it Good For?

30 Apr , 2024

Do Men Need Hair Conditioner? What is it Good For?

After shampoo, one of the basic hair products often used in a hair care regime is conditioner. Conditioners are companions to shampoos. Shampoo removes dirt and oil buildup from your hair and scalp. But conditioner is equally important, and many men out there haven't yet introduced it into their regime.

Both shampoo and conditioner aim to improve your hair's health and look. Some may also debate that it is unnecessary to introduce a hair conditioner into a men's hair care routine. However, men with long hair or who frequently use styling tools can benefit from conditioning.

If you have always been a guy who likes shampoo, try a hair conditioner. Use it and see the ultimate transformation in your locks. Let us uncover more about "Is conditioner good for men's hair?"

Is it Good to Apply a Hair Conditioner?

The short answer is yes. It is good to apply conditioner to your curls after shampooing. Your hair may suffer damage due to styling, combing, or the sun, which can result in dry hair. If you want to avoid that, get the much-needed hydration for your hair with the best conditioner. Get the perfect look for your curls.

What to Expect From a Hair Conditioner?

You may often use shampoo to clean your hair. While washing, the shampoo tends to remove all the essential oils that help protect and hydrate your hair. However, using a conditioner just after washing off shampoo can help restore these essential oils. These keep your hair soft and moisturized. If you don't use conditioner after shampooing, you may end up with dry, brittle hair.

What are Different Types of Conditioners?

Conditioners are available in various types. These comprise deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners, and instant conditioners. Here is a detailed overview of each kind of conditioner:

Deep Conditioners

Deep conditioners are intensive treatments that moisturize and heal dry, damaged, or chemically treated hair. They are often left on longer to go into the hair shaft and deliver intense nutrition.

Leave-In Conditioners

As the name suggests, leave-in conditioners are left in the hair after showering rather than washed away. They do wonders on dried-out hair. But, if you have oily hair, do not use these conditioners. They might make your hair greasier.

Instant Conditioners

Instant conditioners are the most prevalent type of conditioner. They are often recommended for those with frizzy hair or hair susceptible to split ends. This is because these conditioners smooth the curls and keep the moisture in. Use the instant conditioner after shampooing and then wash it out.

Benefits of Using Hair Conditioner for Men

When you use a hair conditioner immediately after shampooing, you can restore the natural oils. These can help protect your hair and keep it hydrated all day. By using a hair conditioner, you can also enjoy benefits like:

Repairs your Cuticle

Every strand of your hair is encompassed in microscopic cells. These appear like fish scales. With time, these microscopic cells will likely turn damaged and begin to push out. This results in rough and out-of-condition hair. So, what's the role of a hair condition here?

A hair conditioner can help smooth those scales and seal the cuticle. It can also create a protective layer that keeps your hair tame and soft. Plus, it can prevent further damage and breakage.

Offers Complete Moisture

Shampoos cleanse the hair well, but they are also likely to remove some of the natural oils that our body makes. This is the case with all shampoos.
Typically, a hair conditioner comes with a blend of oils and emollients. It replenishes moisture within the curls and neutralizes any stripping that is a result of shampooing or heat-styling.

With the best conditioner, you can improve your hair's texture, look, and overall quality. If you don't condition your hair, you may experience oilier hair, especially at the roots.

Protection From Sun and Pollution

Of course, both sun and environmental pollution are responsible for hair damage. If you have fine or light-colored curls, there is a higher risk. This is mainly because your hair doesn't have enough thickness and pigment to protect itself from UV rays and pollution.

The winds from the sun act like bleach on the hair. It lightens the strands, compromises your cuticle, and weakens hair with time.

Pollution from dirt and grime, gaseous contaminants, and smoke might result in irritated scalp. It can even dry your hair and cause itchiness or breakage. So, with the best hair conditioner, you can protect your hair and scalp from the adverse effects of particles.

Prevents Water Loss

If there is no barrier to keep in moisture and hydration, your hair is likely to lose water. Hair conditioners also contain emollient and humectant ingredients, which can help prevent water loss in your strands.

It works similarly to sunscreen in blocking the ultraviolet rays. If there is no barrier in between, there will be increased exposure to these rays. Thus, your skin will likely get burned quickly. The same thing goes for your hair strands.

How to Choose Hair Conditioner for Men?

While looking for a conditioner, you should seek a product that suits your hair type. Here is everything that needs to be looked at:

Fine Hair

For fine hair, I prefer a volumizing conditioner. It can help raise the amount of body and bounce. Thus, your hair can have a fuller look.

Dry Hair

For dry curls, choose only a moisturizing hair conditioner. It comes with more moisturizing ingredients to manage the dryness symptoms.

Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, go for a thickening conditioner. This type of conditioner may raise the size of your hair strands and make your hair appear thicker.

Frizzy Hair

A smoothing conditioner is best as it works well on frizzy hair. It seals the strands and lessens humidity effects.

Curly Hair

Get a curl-enhancing or curl-control conditioner if your hair type is curly. This can help make your hair easy to style or shape after applying the product.

Sensitive Hair/Scalp

If you have a sensitive scalp or fragile curls, a sulfate-free conditioner would be the ideal option. It is gentle on your hair and scalp.

Where to Get The Best Hair Conditioner for Men?

Looking for the best hair conditioner? Then, you must consider your hair type, concerns, and preferences. Some may see results with top-grade quality conditioners from reputable brands. You must look for products with nourishing ingredients like argan oil, shea butter, coconut oil, or keratin. Moreover, think of factors like whether you have dry, curly, oily, or straight hair when choosing a conditioner.

Discuss with an expert before using any such hair product. This can help you find the best conditioner for your hair.

Do you wish to introduce a nice conditioner into your routine? We recommend the Men hair conditioner/moisturizer. This revolutionary hair conditioner can be the ideal solution to achieve beautiful hair every day. It suits all hair types and effectively strengthens and revitalizes every strand. You can enjoy optimal moisture and detangling. All you can have is silky-smooth, lustrous hair. So why settle for any subpar product? Embrace beautifully nourished hair with the Men hair conditioner/moisturizer.

How to Use Hair Conditioner for Men?

Just like you moisturize your skin after cleaning it with a face wash, you should do the same for your hair. Using a hair conditioner is a key step, and you can't afford to miss out on it. When you use the conditioner correctly, you can ensure that you reap all of its potential benefits. Check out some of the best ways to use a hair conditioner for men:

Shampoo your Hair

Do shampoo your hair before you apply the conditioner. Shampooing cleanses your hair and scalp, and conditioning follows to nourish and protect.

Use Sparingly

It would be enough to go with a small dollop, around the size of a coin. Take some amount from your palm, and you are good to go.

Focus More on your Hair Instead of Scalp

You must use the hair conditioner mainly on the ends, not the scalp. This will prevent greasiness.

Let It be There

Leave the conditioner on your hair for about a few minutes before rinsing it.

Rinse Thoroughly

Rinse all of the product thoroughly so there is no residue buildup. For rinsing, use cold water, as it can give the best results.

What you Should Avoid When Using a Hair Conditioner?

Before applying a conditioner, you should know the mistakes you must avoid. This will help you achieve healthier curls as you are done. The most common conditioner mistakes that you must avoid are:

Using Conditioner From Root to Tip

You should use the hair conditioner only in the area where it is most needed. For instance, the mid-lengths to the ends. This part is likely to be the driest. If you use the product at the roots, it will weigh down your curls. Moreover, it can make your roots look greasy even after rinsing.

So, to avoid both situations, use the conditioner on your mid-lengths and ends.

Leaving The Conditioner on your Hair for Too Long

Applying the hair conditioner only to wash it off right away won't be very beneficial. Usually, you will wish to leave the product on your hair for the specified time mentioned on the packing, which may generally be anywhere around 1 to 5 minutes. So, you must adhere to the mentioned time frame and use the conditioner accordingly.

Not Using The Conditioner Regularly

If you want to see the healthiest hair, condition it regularly right after rinsing it with a shampoo. Unlike shampoo, conditioners can be used more often to retain moisture and nourish hair.

You must also use the hair conditioner regularly to restore the essential nutrients that have washed away.

Overusing Or Using Too Little

Less is often more when you are using products like hair conditioners. Overuse of hair conditioners can make your curls appear weighed down. A rule of thumb also suggests applying 1 or 2 quarter-sized portions of the product. This depends on your hair length and thickness.

For more clarity, read the label and check the recommended amount before you start using.


Certainly, you may now have the answer to the question-"Should men use hair conditioner?" Men, like women, need to condition their hair, and using the right hair conditioner can help. For men with dry or frizzy hair, it is beneficial to condition your hair regularly. But, if you have oily hair, use hair conditioner less often.

When you use the product, focus on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. Avoid conditioning the scalp area.

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