What Are The Top Reasons To Wear An Ankara Bonnet?

03 Apr , 2024

What Are The Top Reasons To Wear An Ankara Bonnet?

Putting on an Ankara bonnet before bed may be one of the best ways to preserve your hair before anything else. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase may bring comfort but, at the same time, can also result in tangling or damage. However, Ankara Bonnet is different. These are best at keeping hair damage at bay.

You may find lots of bonnet types, but Ankara satin bonnet is the best bet for almost every woman. Ankara bonnets are made of soft silk materials that can protect your hair from damage and reduce frizz. Let us learn more about the several reasons why one chooses Ankara bonnet.

Why Do People Use Ankara Bonnets?

Ankara bonnets are much more than covers for protecting your hair when sleeping at night. It has distinctive features like a wrapped elastic band to suit most average adults. Take a glance at some of the best reasons to don an Ankara bonnet:

Minimal Hair Breakage

When you wear an Ankara bonnet before bedtime, you can prevent your hair from breaking. You can think of healthy and well-groomed hair. Compared to a cotton pillowcase, the silk lining on your hair is easier. This is because it eliminates friction.

When sleeping on the bed, our hair tends to rub against the pillow. This results in cracks in the hair cuticle. Due to that, the friction makes hair strands more porous and lets moisture evade. When there is less moisture, it means less elasticity in the hair, causing split ends and breakage. So, for growing hair out, it is essential to prevent breakage.

Long-Lasting Hairstyles

Wearing an Ankara bonnet can also give you a long-lasting hairstyle. Your hair is covered while sleeping, so you will not have to style it every morning. You will maintain your braids or curls, all thanks to the silk material. Also, you can keep flat or frizzy hair at bay.

Takes Away Split Ends

Roots are where your hair grows from. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that the eldest part of the hair is the ends of your strands. If you continue to sleep on a cotton pillowcase, the friction interaction may result in forming split ends and knots. So, consider other options like Ankara hair bonnets if you want to avoid them.

Retaining Of Moisture

If your hair lacks protection at night, it may cause dryness, and you will see tangling as you wake up. Another big reason to wear an Ankara bonnet is to help the hair retain moisture. Losing moisture from hair is one of the things that you do not want.

Your hair will feel soft with the silk-made Ankara bonnets and will be easier to style.

Keeps The Hair In Good Form

Additional care and preservation are necessary for your hair to remain healthy. If you are a full-time employee or have a tight schedule, it may be difficult to style your hair daily.

When you put on an Ankara bonnet, you will enable a fresh, energetic hairstyle as you wake up. There won’t be any need or hassle to style a new hairdo. Also, since there will be less friction with the hair, your hair will feel more energized.

Fewer Acne Breakouts

Soft and smooth skin is everyone’s desire. Flawless skin makes you look younger and more attractive in front of others. But, if you frequently use haircare products like oils or grease, they might absorb into your pillow. Thus, your pillow may transmit the oils to your skin, leading to unanticipated acne breakouts.

When you wear an Ankara hair bonnet, you can do wonders for your skin and hair. Your skin will feel happier, and your hair will stay hydrated for a long time.

How To Wear An Ankara Bonnet?

Have you bought an Ankara bonnet to keep your hair silky and protected? Then, you may also be eager to know how to wear it and how beneficial it is. Here are the steps to wear your Ankara bonnet before going to sleep:

Hold The Bonnet Open

Put your hands in your bonnet and ensure each is on either side. After this, bend both your hands towards the backside at the wrists to tug at the elastic band of the bonnet and stretch it out. Expand the bonnet as much as possible.

Flip Your Hair In The Upside-Down Direction

You must bend over and flip your hair in a direction that it falls over the face. Bend forward so that your hair collects within your open hair bonnet. If you want to ensure that your long hair fits inside the bonnet, fold it in an accordion style. This can work with all types of hair, be it straight, locs, or curly.

When you have a significant part of your hair within the bonnet, take out your hand and start adjusting your bonnet.

Pull The Bonnet’s Back Over The Nape Of Your Neck

Securing the hair bonnet onto the head is vital. For that, you need to hook the elastic band at the bonnet’s back on the nape of your neck. Then, place the elastic band in a way that it sits straight on the back of your neck.

Spread The Bonnet All Over The Hair

No matter the type of your lovely hair, grab all of them by pulling the bonnet’s front. Make some adjustments to the elastic band that is at the bonnet’s front side. This is just to make it sit correctly on the hairline.

Press The Ends Of The Hair To Your Scalp

Use one of your hands to hold on the side of the bonnet and the other to slide it inside. Bundle up all your hair at the top of your head by running your fingers through them. Let your hair in place by patting it down gently.

As you bundle up your hair, there will be fewer chances of it slipping out. Put it in a bun so that your hair remains in place at the crown of the head.

Tuck The Stray Hairs If There Are Any

If you find stray hairs peeking out of the hair bonnet, tuck them using two fingers. Just slide them gently back inside the bonnet. Check whether everything is in position. For this, you can fasten your bonnet with hair clips or bobby pins.

At this stage, you are all done with the process of wearing a hair bonnet perfectly on your head. Get ready to wake up feeling more confident!

How To Buy The Right Hair Bonnet?

When choosing a hair bonnet, you must consider a few important things. These can be the following:

Go For A High-Quality Product

A silk or satin bonnet can be the perfect choice when shopping for the right hair bonnet. These two fabrics seem lavish and can prevent your hair from snagging or breaking. Both silk and satin can help in guiding your hair well against them. In addition, they also help in moisture retention. So, shopping for an Ankara silk or Ankara satin bonnet can be a wise decision.

Do not go for cotton lining or any drying fabric that is moisture-absorbing. These fabrics may not be good for your lovely curls; they might make them rough.

Pick The Right-Sized Bonnet

Be sure to take measurements of your head from your forehead to the nape of your neck. Check the measurements with the options on a hair bonnet manufacturer’s sizing chart. The hair bonnet you buy will stretch to fit all over your hair if you pick the right size for your head.

Buy Extra Large Bonnet If You Have Very Long Hair

If your hair is too long and voluminous, you should invest in an extra-large sized hair bonnet. It is a special bonnet designed for long hair. Also, you may find an extra-large bonnet that drops down to the back for long tresses or dreadlocks.

You can even find a jumbo bonnet specially designed for an afro. This type of bonnet is extensive and circular.

Note: Like any other clothing item, it is good to clean and wash your Ankara hair bonnet regularly. This will help in keeping it free of oil and dirt.


In the end, all we want to confer is that hair bonnets are amongst the most excellent accessories for hair care. From protecting your hair to preventing it from damage, these accessories help in various ways. They can suit almost every hairstyle and hair type.

While shopping for a hair bonnet, go no further than Ankara silk or Ankara satin bonnets. These fabrics will be easy on your hair and won’t let moisture escape. Buy the most affordable and top-notch hair bonnets atBeauty Pam. We are your one-stop destination for quality and fully-natural hair care products, especially designer for Afro-American hair.

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